SUPER KIOSK, 2023, 8th Thessaloniki Biennial for Contemporary Art

SUPER KIOSK is a living system and is experienced as such by visitors to the Biennial, but also in the way that it is cared for by the staff of the Islahane Cultural Centre. We encourage visitors to enter the Kiosk and familiarise themselves with the space and what it offers, and make themselves a cup of mountain tea using the facilities provided.

Rainwater is collected off the roof of the Kiosk, and is available from the container at the back of the structure. This was is collected during the cooler months, but in the summer, seawater can also be used.

Rainwater of seawater is fed into the desalinator to the side of the structure. Here is it heated naturally by the sun and evaporates, collecting on the glass surface and the purified water is collected below the main body of the desalinator ready for use.

The purified water is then pored into a small kettle that is powered by the solar panel that sits on a box that angles it towards the sun. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the water to boil so we encourage visitors to take the time to visit the rest of the Islahane while this is happeneing.

Mountain Tea and various other herbs that can be used to make tisanes hang from the ceiling of SUPER KIOSK. These can be picked by visitors to make their own blend of tea during their visit. There is also a teapot and strainers available for use.

Over fifty small handmade cups are availble to choose from to drink tea from.

Once you have finihsed your tea, the sink can be used to rinse out the cup, and then place it back on the shelf to dry. Water can be used from the jog for the rinsing.

From the sink, the rinsing water drains directly into a small reed bed system that filters the water. This is then collected at the bottom of the system and the recycled water can be used again for cleaning cups for the next visitors.

SUPERKIOSK also contains a number of publications that can be read while sitting and drinking a tea. Visitors can find out more about the building process and how the Kiosk functions.

We have also included DIY texts that have inspired us, such as the work of Walter Segal, Enzo Mari and Ken Isaacs.