No Such Organisation, a solo presentation as part of POSITIONS #6 at The Van Abbemuseum

Five solo exhibitions of new and recent work by international artists are shown in dialogue with one other. Zach Blas and Ajla R. Steinvåg focus on improved human performance through the use of smart drugs or the ethical aspects of tissue transplantations. For Praneet Soi and Navine G. Dossos, craftsmanship, technology and survival play a role. Laure Prouvost invites us to learn through the senses and to break established patterns of thought and knowledge. The title Bodywork draws on the idea of the body as a shell, a working machine and a site of the senses. It speaks to themes of labour, technology, education and ethics. In a broader sense, the exhibition addresses mechanisms that influence the body’s quality of life.

All images credited to Van Abbemuseum / Peter Cox.