Hold On by Tom Waits is performed here by the Museumkoor of the Van Abbemuseum in No Such Organisation, a solo presentation by artist Navine G. Khan-Dossos, as part of Positions #6 (Van Abbemuseum, 2020-2021).

The song was chosen by a person currently detained in Saudi Arabia, and its lyrics reflect the need to remain steadfast in uncertain times in the face of concerning numbers of detentions of human rights activists, lawyers, political parties, religious scholars, bloggers, individual protestors, as well as long-standing government supporters who merely voiced mild and partial criticism of government policy.

The Van Abbemuseum Choir was founded in January 2013 by its conductor Willy de Rooij. The choir is made up of volunteers, staff members and friends of the museum. With its repertoire, the choir always seeks connection to the art and exhibitions in the museum. In addition to organizing concerts in the project The Van Abbemuseum Choir invites.., which started already in 2016, the choir also organises Musical Tours in the museum. Together with one of our expert guides, you walk along works of art to which the choir sings songs.