Presented as part of the year-long Art In The Age Of… exhibition series, Art In The Age Of…Planetary Computation investigates how quantification, telecommunications, and our ever-expanding information apparatus not only inform contemporary artistic production, but also how contemporary art can hold a mirror up to these processes and formations.

Two new murals under the title My TV Ain’t HD, That’s Too Real. These gouache paintings evolve throughout the exhibition in response to media reports on current events in the Middle East.

This ‘in-process’ mural is split into two panels and will be developed over the course of the exhibition. A new layer will be added once a month at set times, informed by current global events. Here, the scale of each wall painting appropriates the size of the largest commercial television available on the domestic market and is inspired by a sensationalised media image sourced from the ongoing war with the so-called Islamic State. The language of the paintings is both informational (referencing diagrams, actual algorithmic imaging patterns, parametric modelling, and colour calibration tests) and Aniconic (the avoidance of figurative images as practiced in Islamic and other forms of religious art).

All images are by photographer Cassander Eeftinck-Schattenkerk, installation view Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art 2015.