Red Colonnade

Mary’s Appreciation and Respect

Emilia’s Desire, Connection and Creativity 

Evy’s Joy and Generosity 

Rachel’s Humility and Optimism 

Ruth-Anne’s Solastalgia and Love 

Carmel’s Energy, Patience and Trust 

Ciara’s Emergence and Communion 

Rosa’s Gentleness 

Emma’s Justice

Karen’s Mutuality, Resilience and Appreciation

Emma’s Joy

Deirdre’s Biophilia 

Alex’s Communality, Harmony and Reciprocity

Deirdre’s Gaia

Béibhinn’s Patience and Awe

Annie’s Love, Restoration and Energy

Sadhbh’s Patience and Connection

Christina’s Joy and Caring

Navine’s Compassion

Barbara’s Awe and Optimism

Emmett’s Creativity, Courage and Joy

Monika’s Harmony and Desire

Laragh’s Care and Agency

India’s Biophilia, Self-Respect and Awe

Éidín’s Kinship and Curiosity

James’s Care and Attention

Zéphyr’s Love and Possibility

Roxana’s Creation and Motivation

Peter’s Solastalgia, Kindness and Compassion

 Marese’s Interconnectedness and Restoration

Paula’s Humility

Josée’s Biophilia

Terry’s Dignity