This Limited Edition print and textile was made during a trip to Uzbekistan, working with traditional silk weavers in Margilan, creating a textile piece for an exhibition called DIXIT ALGORIZMI that was developed by Space Caviar and Sheida Gomashchi at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Tashkent.

The design is based on this Soviet postage stamp showing a fictionalised portrait of Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, a Persian polymath whose work and name gave rise to the terms Algebra and Algorithm.

CORRESPONDENCE is made up of a length of hand-made and hand-woven pure silk, dyed with natural colours from onions and pomegranates, apart from the blue which is synthetic. It is approximately 35cm x 230cm – the maximum length and width of a traditional Uzbek hand-loom. 

The accompanying print is a sheet of the Soviet stamps, with two cut out, as if used to send a letter or a postcard. Each edition has a different pair of stamps cut out so is totally unique. It is printed in archival paper and is 36.5cm x 27cm.

CORRESPONDENCE (silk and print together) is £200/€230 (not incl shipping). To find out about availability please contact the studio at


IMMA (The Irish Museum of Modern Art, in Dublin) is delighted to present the beautiful edition Kind Words Can Never Die by artist Navine G Khan-Dossos, created as part of a new commission for IMMA’s iconic colonnades. Kind Words Can Never Die was created through three public workshops held by the artist, where participants were invited to visualise, in colour, their emotions and responses to themes relating to the environment and climate change. Following each workshop Navine would gather responses to select colours from every participant leading towards the realisation of a collective mural for the colonnades. In her studio Navine had a large piece of paper where she colour matched elected responses, checking the accuracy with each brush stroke and titling each colour. The final result reveals an artwork edition which captures and records every colour used in Kind Words Can Never Die on one single sheet.

All profits made on the sale of this edition will be reinvested into IMMA’s ecological programming.

Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle fine art fibre based matt paper (German Etching 310gsm). 594mm x 841mm

Edition of 100 with 10 A/Ps

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This book, co-published by The Showroom and Chateau International, takes as a starting point Khan-Dossos’ ongoing research into the complex context of the UK government’s development of pre-crime and surveillance policies, in particular Prevent, questioning the politics of representation and the positioning of care that the strategies around those policies generate.

Texts in the book include new essays by Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Rob Faure Walker and Lily Hall alongside contributing writers who have engaged in written dialogues: Sadia Habib, Hassan Vawda, Rachel Coldicutt, Tarek Younis, Shezana Hafiz & Azfar Shafi from advocacy organisation CAGE, and William Skeaping from Extinction Rebellion. A text by Alexander Massouras, revised from his exhibition review of There Is No Alternative for Art Monthly in 2019, is also included. The book is designed by Mark Hurrell.

This publication forms part of the trans-disciplinary programme Radical Citizenship, a cooperative project between The Showroom and Goethe-Institut London.

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Two shirts designed in collaboration with IT’S A SHIRT, Athens.

TA NEA XYSTA is a project by Navine G. Khan-Dossos for the Athens Biennial 7 ‘Eclipse’ taking place in Autumn 2021.The large-scale mural work is inspired by the traditional ‘Xysta’ patterns from the village of Pyrgi on Chios,but Khan-Dossos updates the geometric symbols to include logos and patterns that speak to our own contemporary time.In this way the decorative, the technological and the political are synthesized, and presented for the viewer to decipher. 

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Two shirts designed in collaboration with ITS A SHIRT, Athens, based on research and field drawings made in Ioannina, Greece.

‘Theoretically, ceremonies and ritual acts are private.This time, world requires openness as well as honesty no matter what the process is.Life is a ritual itself, dark, bright, beautiful, awful, colourful, full of sounds, stimulations and emotions. We are always in the need of a memorial to remind us human beings, moments, anything that reflects the meaning of being ‘alive’.The elefsis of RITUAL COSTUMES is a celebration for our collaboration with the artist Navine G. Khan-Dossos. 

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